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Important Dates

Activity  Due Dates  Requirements  Penalties
Business License

 02 February

31 July (applies to license fees paid in two installments)

-- VIPA Approvals(if business is foreign own) 

  -- Valid business name from VFSC(applicable if  business is trading under a name other than

that of the owner's)

 -- Municipal Permit for business that involve public transportation(taxi, bus, P transport, Hired vehicles) sale of liquor, sale of kava, restaurants & takeaways.

 10% every month from 3 February
 Road Tax Registration  31 March  -- Road Worthy certificate from PWD

 25% from 1 April

50% from 1 May

Turnover Tax

    14 January

14 April

14 July

    14 October

-- Applies to businesses classified under category Fs but , excluding F1 and F3 10% every month
 Liquor License  02 February -- Approvals from PVMC, Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs  10% every month Cancellation of License after 3 months
Rent Tax

 29 June

28 December

 -- Applies to property owners with residential rent incomes of more than VT200,000 within a six months period  25% per annum