Information for Drivers License Holders

Driver’s license can only be issued once the applicant has passed the driving test from the Vanuatu Police Traffic Section. A Certificate of Ability to Drive is then issued by the Section to the successful applicant. 

  • Successful applicants must submit the following documents before the drivers’ license card can be issued.

            -  The original copy of the learners license 

            -  Certificate of ability to drive.

  • Driver’s license fee: VT 5,000.
  • Duration: 3 years

International driving license holders:

  • Individuals with international drivers’ license are allowed to drive in Vanuatu for a period of 3months only.
  • Individuals who plan on staying in the country for more than 3 months are required to get a Vanuatu driving license. Applications are to be lodged to the Vanuatu Police Traffic Section. If successful, a Certificate Ability to Drive is issued. 

              -  Applicants must ensure that the international license is valid. 

              -  If the license happens to be expired then the license holder would have to attach a medical certificate with the

                 application to the police.

  • Successful applicants must submit the Certificate of Ability to Drive, at the Rates and Taxes office before the driving license card can be issued.
  • Fee for the issue of the driving license card: VT 5,000.

Renewal of driving license:

All driving licenses must be renewed before the license expires.

  • Every license holder MUST provide a valid medical certificate upon renewal. 
  • Medical certificates are valid for 6 months only.
  • The license holder applying for a renewal MUST physically come down to the office to have his/her picture re-taken and sign on the card electronically.
  • Renewal fee: VT 5, 000

Re-issue of driving license

Driving licenses can be re-issued for the following reasons;

          -  lost

          -  Stolen 

          -  add/or remove category

          -  change of details such as name, DOB, or address 

          -  Re-issue of license following a ban.

  • Given that the license is still valid, the fee is VT 2,500.


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