Information for Drivers Public Vehicle Permit Holders

Driver’s Public Vehicle Permit is intended for drivers wanting to drive vehicles for public transportation purposes.

  • All applicants must be 21 years and over.
  •  Before a driver’s permit can be issued, the license holder must have any of the following categories;

              - Common vehicle – for buses and public transport

              - Motor vehicle – for taxis.

  • Forms for driver’s permit can be collected at the Rates and Taxes office. These include;

              - Application for a new driver’s permit 

              - Valid Medical certificate (not more than 6 months old). Click here to view forms.

  • Procedure of getting a new driver’s permit

             - Applicants to complete application forms

             - Submit completed forms with medical certificate to police for approval.

             - Approved forms submitted to Rates and Taxes for payment and issue of driver’s permit.

  • Fee: New driver’s permit = VT 2,000/ category.
  • Duration: All drivers’ permits are valid until 31st December each year.

Renewal of driver’s permit

Every permit holders are required to submit renewal applications on or before 31 December.

  • The renewal application form must be attached with a valid medical certificate and the original driver’s permit.
  • Renewal of driver’s permit fee = VT 2,000/ category.
  • Those applying for a driver’s permit MUST have a VALID driver’s license.

Re-issue of driver’s permit

Drivers’ permit can be re-issued for the following reasons;

      - lost

      - stolen

      - damaged  

      - re-issue of permit following a ban.

  • Given that the permit is still valid, the fee is VT 2,500.

All drivers’ permit payment is only accepted BEFORE 3pm during office opening hours because the receipt number has to be recorded.


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