HR & Staff Development

Human Resource Development/Training and Staff Development is another section in the corporate services and it deals mostly with Staffing issues in regards to training and development for officers.


To guarantee a sustainable Human Resources Management and Development that aligns with the Ministry’s Corporate Objectives.


To monitor and maintain a sustainable Human Resources management and Development which exhibits high standards of professionalism, probity and performance.


This section consist of a Principal officer ,Corporate Service Officer – HRD, a Senior Finance Officer ,an Administrative Officer, and a Cleaner.


  • Coordinate and administer the recruitment process as required by the Public Service Commission
  • Identify areas in need for staff training
  • Monitor that workforce exhibits standard of professionalism, probity and performance
  • Make sure that staff benefits are processed accordingly
  • Offer effective and efficient internal and external trainings
  • Encourage and motivate staff incentives
  • Seek funding sources for external and internal trainings
  • Offer work opportunities for students to develop their interests within CIR dept
  • Increase publicity of the organizational image and procedures
  • Setup capacity building initiatives.