Inland Revenue’s 2015 Customer Services Initiative

In 2015 the VAT Office will focus to improve its Customer Services provided to VAT registered persons, clients and recently announced that the Office will enhanced its Industry Partnership Initiative in 2015 with the objectives to:

  • increase the voluntary VAT compliance levels within selected industries;
  • increase Inland Revenue presence in the community;
  • improve the community’s perception of Inland Revenue as a professional organisation; and
  • target VAT audit resources at the highest risk cases within selected industries.

The VAT Office will also launch its Customer Service Charter and Customer Service Standards in early 2015. The VAT Office Customer Service Standards will tell the VAT registered persons and clients about the standards of service delivery they will expect from the VAT Office. It is our aim to make it easy for our customers to do business with us and the VAT Office is committed to provide high quality services at all times. The Customer Service Standards designed to improve our response time and we aim to provide our service in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the VAT Office has re-structured its Compliance and Revenue Section to accommodate this important customer service approach. The Section will have two teams operating in a functional model, 1) Customer Service and Processing Team, 2) Return and Debt Collection Team.  To personalize the services our Return and Debt Collection Team will operate in segments that is Very Large & Large segment, Medium segment, and Small and Micro segment.  

The VAT Office will also implement its Return and Debt Collection Plan and Process in January 2015 that is also designed to support our customer services initiative.  The focus is to “encourage lodgment of VAT returns and payment of VAT debts outstanding through various effective methods and ensure the correct amount of VAT owed is collected and recovered”. The Plan is in line with the VAT Office commitment to promote and level the playing field for all registered persons in Vanuatu.

The role of the VAT Office is to collect and protect revenue to fund Government operations and provide for basic social services for the communities such as health and education.  This makes the lodgment compliance and revenue collection central to this role.

The implementation of these Customer Services initiative in 2015 is to provide the service you need quickly without unnecessary delays. The VAT Office is operating as a business and customer service is very important to us in doing business with you.

To help us to help you, we ask that you contact the VAT Office with regards to your VAT issues and follow the proper channel. Talk to our VAT Managers if you are experiencing delays and/or are not happy with the service provided. 

For more information on any VAT issues, please contact the VAT Office by phone: 00(678) 24573 and 00(678) 37517 (Santo), visit us at our Office in Carnot Street, Port Vila or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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