Automatic integration of DHL waybills successful

As part of its effort to facilitate trade, FR8 Logistics has successfully developed a proprietary software for the automatic uploading of DHL airway bills directly into ASYCUDA World, without any manual data capturing at all.

This advancement has been of significant benefit to DHL clients who can now enjoy an expedite release of their consignments from Customs. 


Manual manifest data entering is a time consuming task that is prone to human error, therefore subject to Customs penalties. With this new development, uploading of DHL way bills is now possible in a matter of minutes instead of hours, not to mention that the accuracy of data submitted will give FR8 a peace of mind as well as assist Customs in conducting risk profiling of DHL consignments in good time.

Customs has been encouraging Shipping and Airlines agents, and Freight Forwarders to implement this initiative for a while now, however not many of these entities have made the effort to implement this. Customs therefore would like to thank the FR8 team for their commitment in making this a reality.

Meanwhile, Customs continues to appeal to other entities concerned to seriously consider this trade facilitation initiative and to contact the ASYCUDA World Project Team for assistance.